Djed – Fables & Mythology (E-Book, English version)

63,00 kr.



Reclaim your youthful appearance, health and creativity with decoded knowledge from over 8,000 years of well-known fables and mythologies, which is actually coded anatomical science of the body.

This unique e-book gives you tools that in just 14 days can improve everything in your body and thus your mind, and your whole life gets better and better.

The best purchase you can make for yourself.

Pages; 54

Language in book; English

About the author
For 14 years, the Scandinavian, Jens Viktor Fraust has been researching natural healing, the psychology of personalities and spiritual concepts, to get knowledge that others can use to heal themselves. He is a consultant and author of many health articles based on scientific studies. He is a creator of documentaries and a lecturer. He was originally trained in business school and later as an electrician, which proved to be an asset in understanding electromagnetism that spiritual concepts are based upon. He is also a trained Gateway healer, Reiki healer and Regression therapist. 

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